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DayShore is a partnership between local ministries and Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center to provide an opportunity for campers to experience the joy of summer camp within their own community. Together, Lakeshore and the ministry work to provide a Christ-centered week filled with hands-on lessons about God, out-of-the-box worships, tons of activities, good food, and volunteers to share the love of Christ.

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Lakeshore will pack all things camp into a truck and trailer to ensure the campers never have a dull moment Check-In to Check-Out. Each day will include session times, activity periods, an all-camp activity, and worship. Lunch will be provided as well as snacks and/or breakfast.

Cabin Groups

The campers will be divided into smaller groups and assigned a counselor. These groups are divided differently, but are often based on age/grade rather than gender. They will remain with this group for the entire week.


Your child will be provided lunch each day. Some partners also provide snacks as well as breakfast. If your child has any dietary restrictions, please be sure to list them on the registration form.

Session Time

This is a time where the campers gather to discuss the theme for the week. The DayShore Director will lead the entire group through the curriculum. Sessions are made to be interactive and age appropriate. Campers are broken into small groups to help them have a better understanding and opportunity to learn and ask questions. Typical sessions include: prayer, songs, scripture reading, small group discussions, an activity/craft, and a final wrap up of what was learned. Session typically lasts about an hour.

Activity Periods

DayShore models the activities we have for our residential camp. Activity periods are typically led by the counselors and/or the DayShore Director. Since each DayShore site is


different, our team will customize the activities to fit the needs of each site. Activities at Dayshore include, but are not limited to:

 Archery | Gaga, basketball and other sports | Arts and crafts  |  Singing and dancing | Silly Games

All Camps

In the afternoon, the camp gathers together to do an activity together. These are also modeled after typical all camp activities found at Lakeshore. All camp activities at DayShore include, but are not limited to:

Water Games | Relay Games | Messy Games | Talent Show | Scavenger Hunt


All of our worships are designed with campers' development in mind. We aim for all campers, despite where they are in their faith, to be invited to engage in worship. Campers are encouraged to respond to God in various ways. Each of the worships throughout the week will be different, not only in content, but also in method. We aim to help campers see that worship does not just take place in one specific place, but anywhere at any time.


At the end of the week, the campers will have the opportunity to participate in Communion. The pastor of the church will lead the service for the campers. The campers are not required to take Communion, but it is an open table and all are welcome to receive the elements.


Campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray everyday. We ask that they wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes as they will be participating in a variety of activities throughout the day. On the days where the campers will get messy or wet, we ask that they bring a towel and modest swimwear to change into, for girls this means a swimsuit that covers their stomach and boys are not allowed to wear speedos.

Those picking up their campers will be asked to show their IDs. This ensures we are sending your camper home with the right person.

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Dates: June 6-10, 2022
Ages: 6-12
Fee: $25 per camper
Drop Off: As early as 7:30am
Pick Up: No later than 5:00pm
Lone Oak United Methodist Church
3835 US Hwy 45
Paducah, KY

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