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We Commit to Prayer & Praise

We promise to love and glorify God anytime, anywhere through our thoughts, words, and actions.

United Methodists  - both present and past - are connected through worship and song. At Lone Oak UMC, we sing traditional and modern hymns each Sunday from one of two music books - The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing.


We believe the singing of hymns is an act of joy and praise in unity with our fellow congregants. Many of the hymns we sing today have been passed among our predecessors, including John and Charles Wesley. In fact, John Wesley considered singing such an important communal act of piety that he laid out detailed instructions.

We encourage all members to sing however makes you feel joyful and fills your heart with the Holy Spirit!

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Forest Scene

The word of Christ must live in you richly. Teach and warn each other with all wisdom by singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing to God with gratitude in your hearts. 17 Whatever you do, whether in speech or action, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus and give thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:16-17 - 16



Practice Wednesdays 7-8pm

The Lone Oak United Methodist Chancel Choir is an integral part of worship at LOUMC, leading hymns and providing an anthem from a wide range of musical styles for each Sunday’s worship service. This choral group also shares the Gospel through presenting a Christmas Cantata and Easter Cantata each year, inviting additional choir members and instrumentalists to join us for the season.


New members are welcome to join at any time during the year. Our choir members range in age and ability from high school to senior adults, and those who cannot read music to accomplished musicians. If you have a love for singing and wish to share your talents during worship, either all through the year or just through Advent season, please consider joining us!



Practice Wednesdays 6-7pm

Good Vibrations Handbell Choir is a diverse bunch of music lovers of all ages. What they have in common is a love of ringing and a desire to share God’s love through music. They have discovered a special camaraderie born of sharing bells and sheet music, laughter and fellowship. The handbell choir began in 2003 as the result of a generous gift from the late Devida King in memory of her husband, Philip. 

Anyone who might be interested in joining can get a brief introduction to ringing before deciding to join. The ability to read music is not required to join the handbell choir, but a basic understanding of note values and counting beats is helpful. Each ringer's notes are marked on the music, making it easy to follow. Beginner ringers are initially assigned a single bell, and given as much instruction, practice, and hand-holding (the non-ringing hand!) as needed. New ringers are welcome at the beginning of each season in January and August/September. But be forewarned: bell ringing is habit-forming!

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